Ancient aqueducts

Studies show that centralized water systems were built before the onset of a new era. The length of the Roman aqueducts was significant and could exceed 90 miles. It’s hard to imagine how people could create such large-scale facilities, without additional technical means and simple Handtools. Similar work was carried out on the territory of our country, about the middle of the XV century.

The first communications were brought to the Moscow Kremlin, and this fact is quite understandable and explainable. A few thousand years or centuries ago, the builders were the real heroes. They have not had the opportunity to buy pipe wrenches and cost inefficient expedients. Can only be glad that progress does not stand still, and today is impossible to imagine buildings and structures, in which there was no life support. A huge number of people engaged in the production of various sanitary equipment and service, water supply, Sewerage and heating. Gain specialized skills for any person with the appropriate desires and the necessary tools.

To buy a pipe wrench or other specialized product is easy. Shops and markets just pereplanirovka from domestic and foreign manufacturers, various modifications. Residents of modern cities can only be glad that you don’t have to search, transport and storage of water, very inconvenient to operate the toilets and to Stoke the furnace in the quest to keep warm and to cook food. While it is impossible to imagine the further stages of the modernization of communication, and revolutionary changes to expect is difficult.

There is a clear trend toward the replacement of water pipes from steel to plastic counterparts. They do not deteriorate under the influence of moisture, is resistant to negative influence of factors of natural origin and are much cheaper. Only one can hardly expect incredible functionality from modern plumbing, but that the ancient system is still capable of regularly moving the water. People need to appreciate what they have and always think with gratitude of our ancestors that began to conquer the nature and to simplify everyday processes.

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