Ancient structures from plates found by scientists on the territory of the national Park “Onega Pomerania”

In the national Park “Onega Pomorie” scientists have discovered a construction of stone blocks (megaliths) created by ancient people about seven thousand years ago. The megaliths in the village of Letnyaya Zolotitsa were discovered last year by the master Department of St. Petersburg state University (SPbSU) Daria th. On the basis of measurements of geodetic azimuths by the arrangement of stones has been hypothesized about being on the shore of the White sea megalithic complex.

To explore this hypothesis, the national Park “Onega Pomerania” in August of this year was visited by scientists from St. Petersburg. They conducted a second, more accurate measurement. As told head of the Department of regional studies and international tourism, St. Petersburg state University, doctor of geographical Sciences, Professor, full member of Russian geographical society Dmitry Sevastyanov, discovered a stone slab the size of h cm thick and 70 cm long side is oriented due North-South.“The solar tables its location coincides with the direction of the summer solstice seven thousand years ago. We can assume that our ancestors used it for ritual ceremonies, sacrifices,” said the Professor.

Near the plate, scientists found kaminis slate that our ancestors could have used for making various tools. There were also found stones with artificially made indentations. One of the versions with their help, the ancient people could conduct your calendar. “Because the stones are in the zone of the sea, the location could have changed and now it is difficult to determine the direction to which they should specify,” – said Dmitry Sevastiyanov.

Similar megalithic complexes have been found on the Kola Peninsula, in the North of Germany, in the Scandinavian countries. According to scientists it may be the monuments of an ancient culture of the inhabitants of Northern Europe, the remains of which are common in the Arkhangelsk region.


The national Park “Onega Pomorie” is located on the territory of Onezhskiy and Primorskiy districts. 201 covers an area of 668 hectares (including forest land area of 180 668 hectares and the lands of the water Fund area of 21 000 hectares (without removing them from commercial exploitation) in the waters of Unscol lips of the White sea.

In June 2014, the national Park together with the world wildlife Fund (WWF) began work to establish marine and forest protected areas.

The national Park is administered by the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of Russia, he became the 45th national Park in the Russian Federation.

The national Park “Onega Pomorie” is aimed at preservation of natural complexes and objects of the Onega Peninsula in the Arkhangelsk region, including rare and threatened extinction of animal and plant species listed in the Red data book of the Russian Federation, a unique array of old-growth taiga forests, and the culture and lifestyle of the Pomeranian population.

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