Anomalous planet

The Baikal is one of the most mysterious and mystical lakes in the world

Baikal – mysterious and mystical lake, lots of magic and mysterious is happening on its shores and in its waters. They say the lake is alive, it responds to human actions.

In 2008, during a research expedition “Worlds” on Baikal” scientists several times plunged into the waters of the lake to a depth of more than six thousand meters. The purpose of the immersion was good to explore the bottom and to determine the deepest point.

But Baikal was against such interference in his life, and August 27, Irkutsk and others close to lake city shook. An earthquake measuring 10 points in the epicenter and 6-7 points in the settlements. Casualties or damage was not, but local residents in one voice argued that the expedition should be abandoned because the lake doesn’t like it.

At the bottom of the lake many faults, there accumulates a huge amount of energy, that’s why ufologists believe Baikal is one of the most attractive places for UFOs.

1884. In the newspaper “Irkutsk statement” reported that local residents were seen hanging over the lake white ball, which ran pretty colored lights. What it is, then did not understand, but given today’s knowledge, it can be assumed that the lake was examined by the aliens, who arrived on an unknown device.

1965.Locals with delight and fear at the same time observed flying without a single sound object a strange elongated shape, the size of which was about 300 meters. When the UFO flew over the tops of the Khamar-Daban, split three white balls and at great speed flew to the other side. This case is formally registered by the Commission on UFOs.

1967. Close to one of the Baikal villages landed UFO. According to local residents, from a space object came out high, almost two meters tall beings, very human-like, dressed in silver jumpsuits.

The same 1967. The Il-14 aircraft was preparing to land at the airport of Irkutsk. The liner went on the runway, beside it there was a mysterious object of enormous size. UFO first covered the plane with a bright ray, then for a while flew after him, repeating all his movements. Then he disappeared as quietly as they came.

By the way, about the airport of Irkutsk. Specialists ufologists have long said that it is built in the anomalous zone. During its existence (started in 1925) here there were 11 (!) disasters, and only one managed to avoid casualties.

1971. Leningrad engineer George Filippov with his wife and son had a rest on Baikal. Once sailing on an inflatable raft they drifted away from the shore at distance not more than a kilometer. The sun went down, and the man, wanting to get back to shore, tried to start the engine – to no avail, wanted to put up the sail the wind changed direction. Dark. And suddenly the man looked back and saw the water rise up the three glowing columns, which, having United, formed a pyramid. Under the columns there was a black triangular platform. After a few seconds the column pulled away from the surface of the water and began to climb up, and after like sucked into the platform and turned into bright white lights. Moments later the platform moved in the opposite direction from the shore-side, and vanished.

1982. Military swimmers held on lake Baikal in training camp and was immersed to a depth of 50 meters. There, in the water, one day they notice strange creatures nearly 3-meter tall, who were swimming in helmets, but without the scuba gear and were dressed in silvery suits. Military divers decided to catch one giant. Plunged into the water, there stretched a thin strong network and tried to throw it on one of the unknowns. But a strange thing happened: as if someone has pushed to the surface. As a result, three of the seven swimmers have died from decompression sickness, four were maimed. After this incident, ufologists started talking about that at the bottom of lake Baikal may be an underwater base of aliens from outer space.

2006. Over lake Baikal near the settlement Bolshie Koty UFOs staged a real holiday light show: more than ten balloons hovered over the lake, and departed only a few minutes later.

UFO lake Baikal fly often, local have the “pleasure” to observe them punctually. And all because, according to experts from “Kosmopoisk”, to the lake to shrink down all unidentified flying objects from the Far East and the Altai territory.

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