Don discovered at Stonehenge

Don land keeps many secrets. We have such places that go to the most incredible legends. Some of them are real mysteries for researchers.

Ten years ago in the don steppe, 120 kilometers from Rostov, were found huge standing stones, vaguely reminiscent of their British location of an ancient temple of the Sun – Stonehenge. The discovery was immediately dubbed the don Stonehenge, and a place where there are rocks, Valley of stones.

However, unlike the British facilities don does not consist of stone circles (blocks, topped by cross-stones) and large upright standing stones, called menhirs. According to the results of geological expertise, the age of the rocks a minimum of 7 thousand years BC So the don megaliths much of ancient British and other well-known nowadays. And, according to the researchers, it even suggests that the megalithic culture originated in the don by going later in the Scythian tradition of making stone sculptures.

Are these stones in Oktyabrskiy (rural) district of Rostov region, near the mound of Stone at the village of Curcic-Savrov, in the valley of the river Curcic, one of the tributaries of the river Aksai. Whole stone alleys of menhirs stretching from West to East.

This is the first such finding in the Rostov region. Before the ancient stone structures – megaliths, cromlechs and domenikali only in the Caucasus and in Siberia.

– The amazing thing is that these menhirs are not made of limestone or other rocks, widespread in our plains, and of quartzite, says local historian don Alexander LUDLOW, has found a strange stone in the don steppe. – We can only speculate about the true purpose and past forms of the megaliths. For many centuries and until our days, people pulled apart the ancient stones for their needs, but even for so long did not manage to destroy all the buildings.

UFO in the Valley of stones

While researchers are studying the find, trying to prove various theories about the mysterious stone structures in the form of giant avenues, circles, and squares (along with the famous circular was found menhirs and stones set around the perimeter of the square), local residents put forward their own version of the origin of megaliths – alien.

However, the residents of the village savrov mysterious stones speak reluctantly, believing that something’s wrong. The fact that farmers sometimes see in the dark in the sky above the Valley of stones. UFO. Many even during the day I’m afraid to go there alone. Although the fear of stones unexplained: nothing wrong with anyone not happened.

– Every morning, early in the morning get up milk the cow, – tells the inhabitant of the farm Taisiya Meretukova. And then one day saw near substation flies long thing with glowing Windows, not like any plane or helicopter, nothing else. Silently flew and disappeared over the forest. They say it was a flying saucer. And then who knows.

Such observations come here quite often, but ufologists unlike archaeologists and geologists are not yet interested in the mysterious stones. But the fertile imagination of the tourists coming to see the menhirs, managed to create rumours about what the Valley of rocks was once the airfield ancient civilization. Maybe extraterrestrial. They say, otherwise what’s the point in a giant stone alleys, is well visible from the height of bird flight?

Ancient Observatory?

There is a more earthly version of the origin of the don Stonehenge. One of them, standing stones are a kind of ancient Observatory. They were used as a calendar by which the people followed, when to plow the land, sow and harvest crops, celebrate festivals, etc. Perhaps, the ancient watched the falling menhirs from the shadows, determining this way the time and date.

Astronomical tells and version geometry laid out on the ground from the menhirs of shapes – a circle and a square. In ancient cosmogonic square symbolized the Earth and the circle the Universe itself.

According to another version, similar the stones were set in the so-called places of power. Not in vain because people still show interest in the various megalithic sites – stone circles, menhirs, dolmens, sincerely believing in their positive energy and healing power. Maybe this place is the ancient temple, and menhirs – stone idols which were worshiped by our ancestors.

– Another mystery of the don Stonehenge – a strict orientation of stones dug in parts of the world, – says Alexander Ludlow. – The majority of menhirs are oriented in the direction East – West.

There is even a version that is the most complicated engineering structures of unknown purpose. Because quartzite is an unusual stone. He is able to radiate ultrasonic waves.

– In the vernal and autumnal equinox radiation are activated quartzite stones and stones begin to sing in the ultrasonic range variable frequency, – says Alexander Ludlow. Perhaps it is because of these characteristics the selected quartzite stone religious buildings. However, what the ancients knew about the properties of stone, for what purpose was set menhirs and cromlechs, remains a mystery.

Serious studies of the don megaliths has not started yet, and hypothesis of origin of stones are multiplying every day. While scientists were able to establish the approximate age of archaeological site.

– If we can prove such an ancient age buildings, this discovery will become a global sensation and will be able to claim the title of the most ancient megaliths on the planet, says Chairman of the regional branch of all-Russian society of protection of monuments of history and culture Alexander Kozhin.

Perhaps, with time, will find out for what purpose were built on the don earth of a mysterious building. While it is clear that we have yet another unsolved mystery of human civilization. But will it solve? Unfortunately, this discovery, like many monuments of ancient culture under the open sky, unprotected from vandals. With years of stones is becoming less and less. Maybe soon the don Stonehenge will only be memories.

Place of a meteorite

In Kamensky district of Rostov region were also found unusual stones.

Big stone is a place a few kilometers away from Kamensk-Shakhtinskiy. The terrain here is unusual: it melted like foam earth, bizarre stones, caves and small craters like on the moon…

There are many inexplicable: for example, brand a round through hole half a meter in length and more in the stones, trail of the human foot printed on the stone…

Right in the midst of a large plot, similar to the lunar surface with craters. Places are towering rock formations that looked like tiny volcanoes. Stone foam froze in bizarre forms: the mask for Halloween, stone the cheesecake, perfectly round ball… On the steppe scattered a lot of these round stones with a diameter of from 10 to 30 centimeters. And more – fantastic stones with the outlines of a turtle, Sphinx, crocodile… There is also a square, as if lined with stone slabs of the correct form. A real freak of nature.

Esotericism is called Great stone place of power and come here to meditate. Some believe that once it landed UFO – it melted the stone, and holes in the rocks drilled aliens, taking a soil sample. However, scientists explain that all of these bizarre geological formations were the result of a meteorite… almost 50 million years ago. More precisely, even two – big Kamensk and Gusev smaller. Survived even a 25-kilometer remnant of the meteor crater. The anomalous area has long attracted the attention of scientists and described in scientific works.

However, ordinary tourists are much more interested in the legends about aliens and intricate surface areas.

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