You are about to see became a symbol throughout Spain the beautiful Cathedral of the Holy family or Sagrada Familia , is a creation of genius architect Antonio Gaudi. The construction of this unique building started in 1882 and is still ongoing. It should be emphasized that funding of the construction at the expense of private donations and the sale of excursion tickets.

According to the project of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926), the Cathedral to have three facade — South facade of the passion of Christ, the Glory of the East facade, the North facade of the Nativity of Christ and eighteen towers. Twelve of them, in height from 98 to 112 m dedicated to the apostles. Four more tower height of 120 m symbolize the evangelists — Luke, Matthew, John and Mark. These towers will be located around 170-meter tower of Jesus Christ, surmounted by a giant cross. Just below is the bell tower of the virgin Mary. According to experts, the construction will be completed by 2026. However have not finished the Cathedral has become one of the symbols of Barcelona and a UNESCO world heritage site.

The following noteworthy attractions of Barcelona, Monument to Christopher Columbus . erected to the first world Exhibition in 1888 and the national Palace . built in neo-Baroque style . This is a huge and magnificent building – a jewel of architecture solicitation .

In front of the Palace You will see the cascade of stairs, at the foot of which stands the famous Magic fountain . and one of the best views of the city – Mirador del Palau Nacional . and inside is the Museum of Catalan art.

Next, you will see Plaza Espanya, Olympic stadium and the famous Gothic quarter of old Barcelona, with its chaotic tiny old streets and alleyways. At some point You feel lost in time, and remember “Alice in Wonderland”. It is the oldest part of the city and the heart of Barcelona. In it are preserved many buildings of the XIV—XV centuries. The Gothic quarter begins at the plaça Nova (in the middle ages it was the main market square of Barcelona).

At one time it was the Romans and their settlement was called Barsine. The main attraction of the quarter is the Cathedral. It was built in the fourteenth century, on the ruins of the temple of the Roman Empire in honor of the patroness of the city of Saint Eulalia. In the courtyard of the Cathedral has always lived thirty geese. This figure is chosen not casually. It was many years it was Eulalia who tended the goose-herd when she was tortured for preaching the Christian faith. The Central square of the Gothic quarter, the area of the King (Plaça del Rei). It is a front yard Large Royal Palace (Palau reial major), which now houses the history Museum (Museu d Història de Barcelona). The Palace complex consists of three main buildings: the ceremonial Hall Tunnel (Saló del Tinell) with typical Catalan system of arches, Palace of Saint Agatha chapel (Capella palatina de Santa Àgata) with stained glass Windows and the famous “Altar of the constable of the Portuguese” (XV century) and the Palace of the Viceroy (Palau del Lloctinent) with a square tower of king Martin (Mirador del Rei Martí). From the tower offers magnificent views of the area. The only opportunity to visit the Throne room of Tunnel and the chapel of St. Agatha is to buy a ticket to the Museum of city history. It is said in the Room Tinnel in 1493, Isabella and Ferdinand were solemnly received Columbus after his return from the New world.

Stunning view from the fortress of the XVI century on the hill of Montjuic of the city and the port, lying at Your feet, will delight your tastebuds!

After the tour You will have around two hours free time in the heart of the city: you can walk along the main street of Barcelona – the Ramblas, visit the famous aquarium or shopping centre Maremagnum in port Vell.

End Your day in Barcelona with a fantastic show of water, light and music at the foot of Montjuic: you will see the famous singing fountains of Barcelona.

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