Fortresses and architectural constructions of antiquity

For those who are over forty, this place is very well known. Perhaps even too well. Not the architectural features of the ancient fortress, and a unique collection of trees in the castle Park attracted the boys of the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century. The ground was literally Packed with the bones of the WWII soldiers and their weapons. Tons of TNT and hundreds of barrels then moved from Balga in the Kaliningrad apartment. Rare the kid didn’t keep in those days under the sofa “faustpatron” or “Schmeisser”, dug on the Balga. The ancient history of the castle in those years, we were interested in smaller than small arms. Meanwhile, this story is so eventful, that there are volumes of research dedicated to the castle Balga.

The Prussians called it Honed. The exact year when the Bay was constructed this fortification, now it is impossible to determine. According to legend the castle was set in the sixth century the legendary founder of the Prussian state, king Wideout. We cannot reject this version, neither confirm. With the manufacture of paper in the case of the Prussians was not very good, and none of those times did not reach us. But about the siege of the castle by Canadacrestor we know more. The fortress was so impregnable that the knights of the Teutonic Order stood under its walls about two years without any hope to break into. They could stand for longer if it were some kind of traitor of the Prussian tribe of warnow showed the knights of the secret passage into the citadel. The crusaders entered the castle, but here’s the curious thing – the situation repeated exactly the opposite. Samba, the most militant of the Prussian tribes, found out about what Haneda busy with the Order, immediately besieged it. And now the crusaders had to sit in the fortress for several years, fighting off the attacking Prussians. I must say that the cunning monks-warriors before this broke that the secret passage into the castle through the swamp, by which they themselves entered into it. And here, in our story we come to one of those mysteries of coincidences which so often determine the course of history. Samba then for some reason lifted the siege Honey, and went down to the Peninsula, on Wetland, in his “Country of warriors”. Peter Duisburg – the first chronicler of Prussia – explains the grimace history: if one of the boundary spies infiltrated Honed and seen, besieged in the fortress by the crusaders, eat Kale – unknown Prussians vegetable – and said that Christ’s warriors, the Teutons impossible to starve because, they, like animals, eat grass. So it was, or another, unknown to us. It is known only that Samba has gone from the castle. If, then, in the year one thousand two hundred, I think, the fortieth year of Samba drove the Teutonic knights from Honey, Europe today would look nothing like we used to see her. But it was the way it was. The order did Honed his Outpost in the battle with the Prussians, and from there began to move farther and farther to the North-East. While the castle, named Balga, as the legend says, in honor of master Hermann Balke, was first built in the Romanesque style, then in the “Gothic revival” and so on, until such time as the Nazis did not set up a school of underwater saboteurs-spies. The place was not chosen accidentally. The Germans were anciently known fighting qualities of the warriors of this land of Prussia. Them, the born Prussians, and they were preparing to saboteurs.

To all this we can only add that the castle Balga unique cellars, which today no one has been able to penetrate. Such dungeons exist only in the order castle Montfort, in Syria. What else to tell about Balga? In 1928 the castle was arranged in the Museum. The castle Park with its trees, brought from South America, which once attracted crowds of tourists from all over the world. And they marveled at the house of the convent, the building that hung over the Bay at a height of twenty-five feet. Touched by the fingers, carved into the walls, the names of the Teutonic order. Oak gaped at the lifting bridge across the castle moat.

Today this place is called village Fun. That was so funny Soviet topographers in the look of the castle Balga, we don’t know and don’t want to know. We cannot grasp their humor.

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