Job. Compare the “Doriphor” and “Apoxiomen”. Try to identify the difference in the embodiment of the image of the athlete in the works of polykleitos and [lisippa].

Teacher (after discussion). The famous “Apoksiomen” [lisippa] differs from ‘ Doryphoros of polykleitos more dynamic pose (think that he now changes his posture), elongated proportions. It’s two canons from different eras. Lisipp concedes old, priletevshiy the Canon of the human figure to create a new, significantly light weight. In this new head Canon is not 1/7, but only 1/8 of the total growth.

The sphere is impersonal, it is not a portrait of a particular person, and the image of a certain human type, an idealized image of the person. Heroes become much like ordinary people. Even the image of an athlete, always covered in Greece halo of glory, lost their heroism. “Apoksiomen” is not a fighter who respects and worships the city. Yes and gesture him everyday after practice at the palestra scraper it clears away the clinging sand. In terms of athlete Peeps fatigue from extreme tension. Finally, Apoksiomen – personality (rebellious tuft at the crown, not the scraper in his right and left hand).

Created by Lysippos portrait of the king (the”Head of Alexander the great”)bears the traits of a hero, “second Achilles”, and at the same time – real, anyone else not like the person no stranger to anxiety and doubt, anxiety, fatigue. Lisipp sought to the psychological precision of a portrait.

The greatest Greek sculptors portrayed people as they should be. Lisipp said to him, the sculptors portrayed people the way they are, and he what they seem. Indeed, its figures are not perceived by us as created “for show”, they don’t pose us, and exist by themselves, as they grabbed the eye of the artist in the complexity of different movements. The innovation of [lisippa] is that he discovered the art of sculpture is huge, it still is not used the realistic options.

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