Gothic style in architecture

One of the buildings of the Gothic style

Initially the term “Gothic” refers only to the architecture. In a few words to describe this direction as eerily majestic construction.

First Gothic style in architecture was established in France in the 12th century, and later spread to all European space. A little later the Gothic style penetrated in the East, and stayed there for a very long time by purchasing an original national features. Of great interest are the Gothic buildings of Spain, England, Czech Republic and France. Particularly original style developed in Italy, where he entered with great difficulty and the result was separate “Italian Gothic”.

This Gothic style at its core, is based on the heritage of Roman culture, and mostly for Burgundian architecture. However Gothic initially rejected the main feature of the Romanesque style – massive walls, towers, small Windows-slits and semi-circular arches. Instead of a Lancet arch with a long narrow top, used a more ornate facade of buildings, widely used the stained-glass Windows and other architectural innovations. It was extremely revolutionary at the time.

Excellent illustration osobennostyakh style will become the first building, built in France in this architectural direction is the Church of the Monastery of Saint-Denis. In modern times, more close to the present moment, again began to use elements of the Gothic style, it became known as the neo-Gothic style. Especially many such buildings built in the early 20th century architecture can be found in U.S. cities.

The Basilica Of Saint-Denis

However, the Gothic style had spread beyond architecture. The incredible popularity of the picture of the Gothic style in architecture has acquired from artists, paintings which belong to the fantasy genre. Their brushes come beautiful illustrations for books or fantastic pictures, where they created whole Gothic city, beautiful and dark locks, a variety of buildings, marked by the sophistication of the Gothic style.

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