In the highest pyramid of Mexico found the remains of the ancient sacrifices

Archaeologists excavating at Teotihuacan, at last, reached the center of the tallest pyramids in Mexico and discovered the ruins of an ancient ceremonial sacrifice, which was conducted before the construction of the Pyramid of the Sun.

Offerings were placed at the base of the pyramid, and chief among them was elaborately carved and detailed and the green mask of serpentine, which might serve, most likely, a portrait. Also among the findings was eleven dedicated to the rain God Tlaloc ceremonial pots from clay. Even found the bones of an eagle, which fed the rabbits, and also not yet identified the remains of felids and canids.

At the base of the pyramid was found also 7 burials of people, a few of which found the children’s remains.

In their excavations, archaeologists used the old tunnel of the pyramid, which was to bypass the centre of the pyramid and was excavated by researchers in the 30-ies of the twentieth century. Modern scientists have been able from the main mine tunnel and dig through several branches into the structure. In one of the new tunnels they found the remains of 3 buildings that are hidden inside the Pyramid of the Sun, and date back to earlier years than its bookmark.

Scientists have suggested that this ancient place of sacrifice, the ancient people used to “communicate” with the spirit world. Archaeologists hope their discovery Paozersky the secrets of religious practices that were used even 2 thousand years ago, during the existence of the first big cities of Mexico – Teotihuacan.

The pyramid of the Sun is the largest pyramid of Mexico, located in the heart of Teotihuacan. It is the most ancient and well-known facility in Mexico. Now the pyramid reaches a height of 64, 5 meters, but once she was about 71 meters. The base perimeter is 900 meters and its construction could take 20 thousand people and 20 years time.

Scientists believe that the building of the pyramid of the Sun dates back to the middle of the 2nd century ad. This majestic building was part of a huge ceremonial complex, which was intended for conducting many religious ceremonies. Previously on the top of the pyramid was the Temple of the Sun, which led to the staircase of 242 steps, the slope of which created all standing at the bottom of the illusory impression that it leads directly to heaven, to the Sun.

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