In the North Caucasus revealed the ancient structure, comparable in scale with the pyramids of Giza

We used to think that the main megaliths on the planet is concentrated in Egypt, South America, China. Our dolmens, which are conventionally referred to megalithic structures, pyramids and “great walls” look like dwarfs. But recently in the North Caucasus had discovered the mysterious system of underground structures. So, in Kabardino-Balkaria near the village Zayukovo opened a mysterious multi-kilometer tunnels. The researchers suggest that they connected ancient settlements that existed on our planet thousands of years ago. It is curious that all the tunnels are concentrated around a huge underground structure in the form of an upturned pyramid…

“For many years we have been searching for, went to the place of the alleged dungeon, listened to old-timers, — says the head of the all-Russian public research Association “Kosmopoisk” Vadim Chernobrov. — And last fall moved to a place where, according to the stories of elders, is the Old Town. This is not allegory, but a literal translation from the vernacular. Old timers say that it was built by the people who lived here before them. Who lived here, what people, no one knows for sure”.

The object is located at a height of ecologicamente above sea level. Local residents showed researchers one small hole in the mountain. The entrance is very narrow — about 30 centimeters in diameter. The conductor told that there is the local population legend: if you get out there, you will find yourself in a huge city where there are squares, streets and buildings, but no people. Indeed, search engines are caught in an extensive dungeon, which gradually expands, and stretches inland for tens, and perhaps hundreds of meters.

When researchers began to explore the area around the manhole, they found large gaps. Maybe this is the main entrance to the cave, because if we assume the existence of underground settlements, it is unlikely its inhabitants crept through a narrow slit. Perhaps, down the manhole, you can get to “main street”. In the past year due to the weather this was not possible, researchers have moved downhill for the next summer. However, there was also a second discovery close to the Old Town, I found another hole. Ethnographers Maria and Victor Kotlyarova here climber and caver Arthur Zhemukhov, who was training in the mountains and noticed a strange indentation. On top of piled up rocks, bushes grow, and in appearance it is normal Nora, what in the land of multitudes.

But Arthur noticed that much from the hole comes through. This means that the earth is a large cavity. He began to expand the hole and got into a huge shaft that led off somewhere into the darkness. One to go there is not decided, called a group of cavers. They descended into the mine and realized that the end-edge of the dungeon is not visible. “The first thing that caught their eye — the main wall in the mine is clearly artificial, — says Vadim Chernobrov. — Made of smooth stone blocks of about the same size as in the Egyptian pyramids and stacked on a similar technology to one another. Each weighing 50-100 tons, well-crafted, although over time there were chips and cracks”.

What is this mysterious masonry? Traces of concrete or some other solution, like in the Egyptian pyramids, no. How the ancient builders had cemented the blocks together, it is unclear, however, it is clear that they stand for thousands of years and in the seam crawls not even a needle.

When cavers explored the cave, we found a strange column. She hangs in the air, but tightly attached to the wall. Apparently, the dungeon has a huge size, and people were able to explore only a small portion of it. They have advanced deep into 100 meters. And stared in narrow passages.

That dungeon is not meant for human habitation, the search engines became obvious when they examined all of the accessible part of the cave. It turned out it crammed with narrow aisles, where you will not squeeze even a child, and tiny holes where hardly crawls the human hand. Each mini cavity goes way back: the light from the lanterns to the bottom does not reach. What is this structure? The researchers had the impression that the underground pyramid is technological, not a sacred purpose. She looks like some kind of machine, engineering structure of unknown purpose. “Looks like a resonator, a device for seismological studies, exploration, mining or power generator, — says Chernobrov. — For sure it is not yet possible — unique in the world not found”. Many comes to mind the analogy with the mysterious cavities within the Egyptian pyramids, are also not intended for the movement of people. Man there is in principle not allowed to go, however, the ancient builders made them to last. These narrow manholes are also to tens of meters deep, but for what and where is the big question. Sometimes they end with a series of doors with handles, behind which are rooms of unknown purpose. Versions about the purpose of underground passages abound: “refrigerator” for storage of food, home of the ancient Aryans, a giant air conditioning duct. Or, for example, the giant power generator… There is evidence that during the Second world war in these places saw researchers from the SS organization Ahnenerbe, which, as you know, looking for the entrance to Shambhala. They say that Hitler thought the Caucasus along with Tibet “the center of Power” and “control center of the World”. And allegedly rushed to the Caucasus just for this reason.

Researchers, of course, pay attention to the fact that next to the pyramid there is the Old Town. And assume that these two objects are somehow connected. For example, in Turkey near the village of Derinkuyu underground was found 8 story city, designed for comfortable accommodation of 40-50 thousand people. There are houses, outbuildings, markets, shops, sources of water, wells and vents. In short, a miracle of engineering technology, which is at least 4 thousand years. Now the world is excavated about a dozen underground cities, three of them have become tourist attractions. It is known that some cities have a subterranean communication with each other. It huge distances — hundreds of kilometers. According to some scientists, a strange hum, which was recorded by scientists in different parts of the world, not that other, as air draught in a man-made system of underground utilities located in the depths of the earth.

If this summer you find that near the village Zayukovo really existed underground city, the pyramid can be considered some kind of technical installation, ensuring its vital activity. And then “Zhukovskoe miracle” will be the largest man-made prehistoric structure on the territory of modern Russia.

Vera Davidenko, the chief site of Kabardino-Balkar prospecting expedition:

Is that the underground caves are man-made origin, a moot point. Tuff Zhukovskogo plot is an accumulation of products of emission of the volcano — ashes, fragments of lava, volcanic glass and to a small extent of the rock fragments composing the walls of the crater. Material ejection at accumulation was hot, and therefore the solidification cracks individually, so the entire tuff of the array was divided into blocks. Therefore, deepening, discovered near the village Zayukovo, is one of such cracks gravity separation, which is characterized by a smooth surface of contact. Another thing that the natural cavity can be used and the ancients.

Alexander Pankratenko, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, Moscow state mining University:

— I examined a sample of “solution” taken by cavers with a stone blocks the cave. Looks like some sort of strengthening material. The composition unknown to me, now anything similar is not used. The study sample speaks to the fact that inside the cave is perfect ventilation, fairly dry. The cave photos also confirm the version of its artificial origin. Like it or not, should show the future research.

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