Nightmares of the Ayu-Dag, mountain ghosts and “Bermuda” cave

On the Peninsula there are many mysterious and unexplored natural areas

Crimea – one of the most beautiful, the most mysterious and the most mysterious places on the planet. Each of the peoples who ever lived here left a part of himself in the form of legends and myths, making the usual mountains or caves became mystical and sometimes scary. Five places, beloved by locals and tourists, deserve special attention.

For example, on the Peninsula has its own “Stonehenge”. It is located in the village Spring. Four vertically standing blocks – menhirs – scientists call the age of the Egyptian pyramids. Who and why was erected by them, science does not know. Perhaps, the menhirs were a kind of ancient Observatory or ritual buildings.

Fourth place in the ranking of the most mysterious places in the Crimea is a cave of Eni-Fat 2 that at the saddle. She was found half a century ago, two of the Crimean boys. Descending into the cave, they found the severed head with horns and, of course, gave a tear. It was later revealed that this Peru ancient Taurians used for sacrifices. Killed only animals, not human, bones, archaeologists have found – but tourists constantly talk about what they had seen ghosts in this cave.

Third place in the mystic top is Ayu-Dag is located in few km from Partenit. About Bear mountain said a lot, but here’s something to sleep on her undesirable, not everyone knows. People inexplicably jump in the middle of the night and trying to escape the overtaken nightmare, going straight to the cliffs. People like this were to happen, managed to save, but still not pleasant.

“Silver” in the list, the reviews, get Demerdzhi. Now the Valley of ghosts in the area – space, shoganai and explored. But the ancient people of the terrible shadows that go from the stones, was brought literally to madness. Moreover, sometimes the clouds appeared a giant silhouette and copied his movement. Exposed of physics, who called the phenomenon “brokensky phantom” is, according to them, only an optical phenomenon: at night in the mountains cold, and crawls down to the ground like a thick fog. When the sun rises or sets, its the clubs you can see a huge shadow.

And finally, first place in the mystery and secrecy goes alimovoj to a beam near Preduslova village. Go here for Lily of the valley and peonies, and is dedicated to the brave men trying to find a stone with Arabic calico: they say, who will find it, provided the wealth, obedient children and beautiful wife. Sorcerers and other mystics here particularly well: they say that this beam is a place of power. However, not all come back from here – or not immediately. At this point, is and Alimov cave, but after disappeared there without a trace a few people, the entrances walled up. Now tourists, too, sometimes get lost – fortunately, mobile offers the opportunity to connect with MOE, but to survive a few hours, wandering in search of a way out of the ill-fated beams, not too good.

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