One of the most mysterious places on the planet

Contrary to the laws of physics and common sense. In Moldova there is a place, which otherwise as anomalous will not name. There car parked in neutral gear, going uphill. On an inclined plane upwards water flows.

Believe my eyes even harder – drivers are struggling to catch up with their same vehicle. Parked cars against the law of gravity is also going up on the hill!

“Of course, amazing. What is this, what is the reason, how to explain it – I don’t know, let the scientists think like this,” said a tourist from the suburbs Nicholas Noise.

A little experiment. On this stretch of road there is a slight rise – about one and a half-two degrees. The correspondent notes the original position of the car, draws a line and asks the driver to remove the car from the hand brake and put into neutral. As you can see, a two-ton machine moves freely. And call it an optical illusion do not dare.

Highway adjacent to anomalous hillock, drivers surprising thing. Earlier such phenomena, scientists have met only in the mountains. An anomaly in the plain of Moldavia held here explain seismically active area.

“This territorialities active from the point of view of vertical motion, she is in the stage of recovery,” – said the Deputy Director of the Institute of Geology and seismology on science Oleg bogdziewicz.

According to the researchers, at the depth of about half may be a plate of high density, which slows down the magnet movement on the surface and literally works miracles. Dozens of measurements have proved that it is not an optical illusion, and a geological anomaly.

“There are cases that people just come to get water to us, leave the car, go get the water, and the car itself on the track, in gorochku. No accidents. But when we see that people for the first time, do say, be careful,” says cafe owner Artem Nikolaev.

Local residents from year to year, build the legend: from the fall of the meteorite in these places to communication with extraterrestrial civilizations. Such stories daily attracts hundreds of tourists. Anomalous zone near Orhei businessmen only and therefore will not be studied.

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