Other ancient civilizations

The mysteries of the island of Malta. Who first settled on the island? Some experts say that the CRO-magnons, other – Atlanta. However, no clear trace of the latter still not found. But the island is so little studied that version of the Atlantians are not excluded. It is known that the island is often passed from hands in hands. Lived the peoples who left behind the layering of cultures, none of which are yet to be determined. The island belonged at the time of the Cretans and Cypriots, Egyptians and the ancient Sicilians. Was ruled by Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans. The winds brought the ships here many conquerors, the Byzantines, the Goths, the Arabs, the Spaniards, the Normans, the Turks.

The Greek capital of the island was the city, which is now called Mdina. If you come down from its fortress walls to the valley, where you can see the ruins of the cyclopean temples. They are very ancient. One of them is Turciansky – created at the beginning of the third Millennium BC But it is built on the Foundation of an even more ancient.

Under the ruins of the temple opened of stone sculptures of goddesses. In any other place of Europe and Asia, archaeologists have not met such statues height of almost two meters. It’s surprising that on a small island troubled Mediterranean sea, there are about 30 major ruins of temple buildings. Some of them equal in size to the Parthenon. All in all Malta is known for the remains of more than 50 temples.

On some stones of these structures sohranivshiesya of wild animals on the island, apparently, have never lived. In one of the temples excavated limestone slab with the image of a spiral. It is believed that this is the first geometric pattern of this kind in the Mediterranean. On some stones the traces do not fade away with time paint – traces of frescoes lost forever.

Not so long ago under one of the temple buildings was found unique in its ancient burial. The first analysis of the remains has equated the age to 6000 years. Second, more accurate – to 9000 years.

Previously, these figures were immediately subjected to merciless ridicule. Now historians began to treat him more trustingly. It is very ancient city, refuting the old idea of the early date of civilization, found recently in Asia Minor, in Central America and in Europe – on the banks of the Danube.

As you know, after the excavations of Evans in Crete, became known to the world, the brilliant civilization of the immediate teachers of the ancient Greeks, the Minoans. The creators of the wonderful palaces and were a good naval commanders.

Large temples – no traces of their direct influence PA ancient Maltese? Everything would fall into place, if it were so. However, the mysteries of Malta – a hard nut to crack. The facts say that the Minoans owned the island. But the churches were established before their arrival. Made them very different people, the search for which has just begun.

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