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Cosmic mysteries of Tik-Kuyu.

Concluded another, the fourth, the expedition School Emil Bagirov in the Crimea. There was another touch of the cosmic mysteries of this extraordinary and sacred place on Earth.

The fourth expedition set itself the following tasks: continuation of survey of underground Crimean pyramids and the confirmation of the hypothesis by Emil Bagirov on “the Crimean Cross.” The gist of it is this: in the South-Western part of the Crimea in a huge diamond shape, formed by thirty-six underground pyramids, there is a cross formed by a large number of ancient Christian monasteries. This cross symmetrical pyramid the diamond and is supported at its ends on its side. (For more information on “the Crimean Cross,” we wrote in the 4th issue of our magazine.)

According to Emil Bagirov, the location of the monasteries is no accident. In a cruciform configuration they were built quite consciously. But why? And is there any connection between the ancient pyramids and monasteries?

To answer these difficult questions and had our expedition.

Due to the time constraints of a half dozen ancient monasteries we saw only three that seemed to us the most significant: Chufut-Kale, Eski-Kermen and Mangup-Kale. Of course, we assumed that during expeditionone new discoveries. But the reality has surpassed all expectations…

The beginning of the trip, however, was not too successful. The fact that just a few days before our arrival in Sevastopol, local authorities piled stones at the entrance to the pit of the pyramid No. 3, broke the mould. According to the academician V. A. Goh, this attitude to the problem of the pyramids for the first time. Their discovery was too inconvenient for the number of officials about the history, because over from head to foot all the established system of views on national history. After we left V. A. Goh still made from the Kiev authorities permit further research. However, even today the only organisation that provides him moral and financial assistance is the School of Emil Bagirov.

Then his main attention of our expedition focused on the study of cave city Chufut-Kale. Mysterious city of ancient temples is located in the heart of the so-called “Crimean cross”. Chufut-Kale is a huge system of caves-houses on the plateau Ismail Bay. Nearby in the gorge of Navegadores-Dere is one of the legendary Crimean sources Gazyr-Mansour, which is associated with many ancient legends and its water is considered as Holy for Muslims and Christians. Here is the most famous of all actors of the Crimean monasteries assumption. As they say, monks, there is a special grace.

People in the Calais name was the Heavenly city. Travel brochures say it’s because Calais is located high above sea level. But only if it’s the cause, because a lot of cave cities and the heavenly city.

It is known that the last inhabitants of Calais were the Karaites, who lived there until the 18th century. Who lived there previously and who founded a heavenly city, is unknown.

On the territory of Chufut-Kale V. A. Goh had made some test measurements of the energy field, which showed that the energy field of this place for a few orders of magnitude greater than background values. After evaluating the results, Academi V. A. Goh concluded the possibility of having in this area of so-called cosmic channel along which the energy exchange of Earth and Space.

Having finished the survey of Calais, the expedition was about to leave for the return journey, when one kilometer from the city gate when I noticed something out of the ordinary. So commenced our acquaintance with one of the biggest mysteries of today’s Crimea – with the Tick-Kuyu.

In translation from the Tatar Tick-Kuyu means “vertical well”, but the name is new and of underground facilities does not reflect.

Open the Tick-Kuyu was quite by accident in 1998 by geologists of the Institute of mineral resources, Simferopol Polcanova and Shutoff. Examining the plateau of Ismail-Bey, the geologists drew attention to the growing Apple tree. Usually the trees on the monoliths do not grow. Under the tree was discovered buried in the recess, and when it is dug up goes back down the shaft.

Today the Tick-Kuyu already dug, although I had to take out more than 2.5 thousand tons of earth. The size of this enormous underground structure are truly impressive: a fading tilted down 120-meter long gallery, which at the end of the 30-metre-high stone spiral staircase. At the bottom of the structures are quite spacious Playground with recess-an altar and two wading pools, all interconnected. Over the spiral staircase 60-metre vertical mine (the same one that was originally discovered by geologists).

The initial hypothesis that the Tik-Kuyu – it’s just an ordinary well, not tenable. First, the Tick-Kuyu is located outside the ramparts of Calais. Secondly, next to it flows the source of Gazyr-Mansour. Thirdly, archaeologists have recognized that the Tick-Kuyu is an ancient one. Caution is called the era of t, i.e., the first Millennium BC But where is the guarantee that the underground construction is not even older?

The first hunch of a possible real purpose of the Tick-Kuyu was expressed by Emil Bagirov. Carefully examining all the dungeon, he concluded that the Tick-Kuyu is probably the most ancient Shrine, and the Shrine is very closely associated with the Crimean pyramids, and quite possibly within their system. In fact, the Tick-Kuyu is the ideal place for the ancient secret of the mysteries. For it shows not only the grandeur of the building and its antiquity, but also the nature of the internal structure. It is likely that the so-called lower platform in the distance from the sidewalk was ancient …. rituals and initiations. In a niche near the altar was situated, and the basins of the fonts was the dedication of the adepts.

But creating a 60-metre vertical shaft above the vertical ladder? For ventilation? But for this purpose it is enough air flowing through the inclined 120-metre gallery. For the lighting? But up to the bottom landing on top of the light almost does not reach.

By making measurements of the energy field at the bottom of the Tick-Kuyu, V. A. Goh has determined that it is in the area of the vertical shaft has the maximum value of the energy field. There is its center.

– Most likely, mine is the core of space channel! – concluded Emil Bagirov. – Here, in the center of the diamond pyramid, the Central pyramid, is energy and informative connection between Earth and Space. That is why there was created a Grand underground sanctuary.

In this regard, it is possible to explain that at the time the sanctuary was filled, i.e., hidden from prying eyes. But that’s not all! Literally in Mar 2002 the water in a sloping gallery was discovered a rich treasure – more than 4.5 thousand gold and silver coins from the 13th to 15th centuries. It’s possible that the last of the specially dedicated buried it at the entrance to the sanctuary, to divert possible diggers.

Unfortunately, during our stay in the Tick-Kuyu was limited, and therefore we are unable to conduct a thorough examination of the vertical shaft (the major component of the underground sanctuary). It is hoped that in the future we will be able to figure out in what point of the celestial sphere is oriented mine. Knowing this and calculating the inverse precession of the stars, we could identify the constellations blazing above the ancient sanctuary thousands of years ago, where he was initially focused mysterious mine. Since leaving Calais, we already knew that the story of the monk monastery of the assumption about a special aura and goodness of this place, and the ancient name of the mountain village – the heavenly city have their own special hidden meaning.

In subsequent trips across mountain Crimea were examined Eski-Kermen and Mangup-Kale. And there energy was slightly higher than the background of the Crimean values. This led members of the expedition on the following conclusions.

The fact is that currently it is scientifically established that the first Christian churches were built on the site of ancient sanctuaries. Why? Among archaeologists there is a perception that this was done purely from a ritual point of view, in order to expel the evil pagan prayers of these places. Actually, I think, is quite different.

The original ancient sanctuary was created in a special cosmic places where it is easier for people to communicate with God and Heaven, and therefore later Christian churches were built there for this reason. Therefore, the domes of Christian churches, and Muslim mosques that tower into the sky, symbolizing the continuity of the Earth and Cosmos, between Man and God…

One of the major achievements of the expedition was a practical experiment made by E. M. Bagirov and V. A. Goh for the measurement channels. Description of the experiment, which for the first time allowed to measure 11 channels is a separate issue. Also noteworthy is that the results obtained surpassed all expectations.

Already before the departure the participants of the expedition found another Crimean cosmic phenomenon – the Sphinx of mount Demerdzhi. However, our study of this unusual construction is still ahead.

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