Spiritual heritage of Ukraine

To see some marvels of architecture and history, we travel far abroad, while it does not notice what is right under our feet. Let us today a virtual walk through our nanke-Ukraine, look at its most beautiful Gothic and neo-Gothic churches and give them a rating . Of course, this is not England and not Germany, but to admire them, believe me. After all, the Gothic churches are some of the most spectacular buildings in the world architecture history.

I want to note that our ratings are subjective, and in the future it may change. It is not excluded that someday he will become an objective. And it will be your choice! So, starting from last place, but after tens will be “spare” objects – of your – actually no worse than the first ten You agree to offer us their versions?!

Where: Losiach, Borshchiv district, Ternopil region.

Criterion: for the fragile bell tower and medieval appearance.

This temple was erected in 1889 from cut stone and was not plastered. The texture of the stone walls of the Church adds age and makes her look like a medieval building.

The Church Of The Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Where is: Jaunty, Husyatyn district ,Ternopolskaia

The criterion for the exotic and the sad reality.

Some people call the Church in Hunzah one of the most beautiful in the region. It’s hard not to agree – the construction is really amazing. And yet what is striking about the state in which this architectural gem. It was built in 1860 with funds Casimir Gorodiskaâ.

Location: Kamianka-Buzka, Lviv region.

Criterion: atalanti.

So many just imagine the Gothic Church. Well, not a blueprint taken of course, but very similar, except that with the two towers. No wonder he is so perfectly Gothic, because his build finished only in 1929, though started in 1911. the temple was Built by the architect Theodore Talovsky.

Location: Khust, Transcarpathian region

Criteria: the defense power of the Transcarpathian and shingle color.

This temple was started in the XIII century and almost the present form it has acquired in the XV. And this is one of the most ancient Ukrainian churches, although he is now reformed (Calvinist) Church. The Hungarians built it as a temple-fortress with thick walls, muromi on the perimeter and a defensive tower that ends with a tent top covered with shingles. This is hardly the only example of such architecture in the country.

Location: Stryi, Lviv region.

The criterion for the age and majestic beauty.

This is a real Gothic, which in Ukraine have very little. The temple was built in the twenties of the fifteenth century, but later it was repeatedly rebuilt and extended, in particular its high tower was built in 1640.

Where is Fastov, Kyiv region.

The criterion for a fairy tale and puppet.

This temple resembles some kind of structure from a cartoon fairy town. It is so delicate and fragile that it seems a toy, but it’s real. Fastiv neo-Gothic Church built in 1903-1911 years of the last century. The authors of the project were architects Dombrowski and Troupyansky. Particular value in the construction give a fantastic bas-reliefs, executed Elio Sala (author of the sculptures of the house with chimeras, National art Museum, etc.).

Location: Lviv.

Criterion: the size and visual attractiveness.

This temple could not be better remembered by regular tourists after the first visit to the city. This fiery Gothic (although Gothic) and it is the highest Church in Lviv (85 meters high).

They say that it was built by the Roman Catholics to outshine the Greek Catholic Cathedral of St. George (1904-1911.). On the construction of the temple visited by the Emperor Franz Joseph. But now it is a Greek Catholic Church of saints Olga and Elizabeth.

The Church of our lady of the Holy rosary and St. Stanislaus

Location: Chertkov, Ternopil region.

The criterion for greatness and “nadwislanska Gothic”.

Some of the distinguished local historians believe the Church in Certkovo the greatest and most beautiful religious building in Ukraine. Well, the taste and color of comrades not, but it really is a fantastic structure that captures the scope and beauty. It was built in the early XX century on the site of the Dominican Church, built in 1610. The architect of the building was an outstanding architect Jan SAS-Sobinsky, sculpture of the temple was made by the famous master Czeslaw Pillar and Diaman Stankiewicz.

Location: Kiev.

Criterion: for the genius Gorodetsky

This Church literally takes us somewhere in Western Europe, where blooms of medieval flaming (flaming Gothic) Gothic.

He stressed that Kiev is that Europe, because outside of Europe such Gothic masterpieces no. And made it a real masterpiece of genius Vladislav Gorodetsky.

Location: Lviv.

Criterion: for what? Think for yourself!

Look at this Cathedral: impressive size and amazing architecture, many chapels attached to the temple, the magnificent monolithic columns that support the arch, and inside the temple is painted with amazing frescoes cleaned and fabulous sculptures. Just a fantastic Cathedral city!

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