The ancient settlement of Kara

Between Evpatoria and Crimea resort Saki is the majestic hill of Kara-Tobe, where was located the ancient Greek-Scythian settlement, excavated and restored to life by professional archaeologists. Excavations on this site were only s year, so the hill the penalty-Tobe became exhibit relatively recently, when, in this mysterious place, it was decided to create a unique Museum under the open sky, available visiting the Crimea tour.

During the tour of the ancient city-Museum we can visualize tradition, culture and life of the ancient Scythian tribes living side by side with the enlightened Greek colonizers. Such cooperation between the two Nations has given rise to a certain commonality of culture, which is most clearly manifested in the objects of everyday life, and many conflicts. Among the most attractive sights of the hill of Kara-Tobe – preserved ruins of the once powerful ancient fortress Eupatorion, founded in the year 110 BC.

But from quadrangular fortification now remain only the foundations, excavated by archaeologists, restored the internal layout of the premises. Nearby are the ruins of the donjon, where during the final battle, erased gorodischeva II century with the face of the earth, defended defended the fortress of the Greeks.

Interest located on the territory of ancient settlement of Kara-Tobe the ruins of buildings that belonged to the Scythians and the Greeks, even in the foundations of each of them is shown the difference in the architectural traditions of these two Nations. The estate of the ancient Greeks, as in other Greek colonies on the territory of Crimea, were only built from dressed stone, they are characterized by simple, classic lines and completeness. The Scythians built their buildings, usually made of unpolished stones, and even their ruins are sharply different from Greek buildings.

Restored ancient Scythian manor residential structure with rectangular shape with low flat roof, which is stone edge, which is characteristic for the Scythian outbuildings. The inner walls of the Scythian house is decorated with original paintings, in the center is the hearth, and the interior presents unusual clay table.

Excavations in the settlement of Kara-Tobe continue, visitors can watch the archaeologists and look at their open ancient grain pit depth of three meters, with a bottle or pear-shaped.

White tower DotA, although it is a late building, catches the eye even from a distance, and within its walls tourists can see the rich exposition. Here is the most everyday objects and material culture of the ancient Greeks and Scythians, who lived in the settlement of Kara-Tobe. Collection of the local Museum in the tower now occupies two floors, it is regularly updated with new finds.

The Museum displays original Greek amphorae, from which antiquity, unique rounded megarian bowl with a flat bottom, simple stucco utensils of the ancient Scythians, of Cnidus a stigma with Greek inscriptions, luxurious beads that belonged to Scythian beauties.

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