The most mysterious places of the Samara

Unsolved mysteries emanates from abandoned cemeteries, churches and bunkers. Even more warmed up interest and imagination of the legend, which tells about the events in these places. In Samara do not have to mysterious places, they are here in abundance. Of course, not all of them are the property of the masses, but to every person it is possible to meet here a harmless Ghost, or become a witness of the poltergeist. If you are going to move and buy an apartment in Samara, you should get acquainted with its most mysterious and mystical places:

Park of culture and leisure.Yu.Gagarin. This is a favorite walking place for many families and couples. The Park is very nice and cozy. But not everyone knows that in Park territory there are nine common graves in which are buried the victims caught in the millstones of political machines in the 30-40x. years. Official data indicate buried here several thousands of the repressed. They were all shot and buried in Samara the Park. Many people admire the oak trees growing here, but they are not planted just so, rumor has it that the oak growing above each grave. And the souls of the dead who have not found peace, and still wandering around their places of burial.

A metro station is “wings of the Soviets” remained unstarted and on this day. Although on all maps it is labeled the underground, and its opening was supposed to coincide with the opening of all pirogovskogo plot, but the deadlines several times fell, and in 1986. and does instead of “Wings of the Soviets” opened the station “Yungorodok”. It was constructed in record time – a year, while the construction of the other stations took at least six years.

The metro station “Kievskaya” and the planned “wings of the Soviets” were connected by a long tunnel, which is now, of course, has not disappeared and has turned into a cesspool of rolling stock. But the unstarted the station was bricked up. It is said that she was ready to surrender and even completed, when the decision was made about its conservation, because it caused her a lot of strange things and even disappeared without a trace people. The popularity of this version went far beyond Samara, and not the last role in this was played by the book, the editor Zheka Cousteau called “the Witch”, where even published photos immured metro station.

The house-Museum of them.In.And.In Samara Lenin on Lenin street, 131 – famous for the mysterious events occurring there. For example, in 1986. only when the first rays of sun touched the ground, in a room belonging to the Lenin-in-law Mark Elizarov found the bed turned upside down. And to this day, there are heard the sounds of objects moving, footsteps and voices. Is this not a direct proof of the presence in the room of ghosts, one leading their usual way of life?

Birthday of leader V. I. Lenin usually happen even more mysterious events. The whole house is filled with fragrant smell of freshly baked pies with Apple and cabbage filling (very much respected them Vladimir Ilyich)…

The story of Zoe standing in the house №48 along the street Tchkalov – the one known to many, the legend of the stone girl. The events developed in the new year’s eve December 31, 1955. The cheerful young people gathered to celebrate new year’s eve in the house №48 on street Chkalova. Among them was invited by a girl named Zoya, who waited her lover Nicholas, but he didn’t come. Then to unwind a little bit, Zoe decided to dance, but not alone, but with the face of St. Nicholas. As soon as the dance began, the girl froze, not letting go of a stiff hand icons. So much effort was made to revive Zoe, but all in vain. Only by Hieromonk Seraphim managed to unstick her hands, the icon, and petrified girl stood a stone statue until Easter.

Generally in Samara goes a lot of rumors, legends, tales and fairy stories. Each person will be able to find something interesting for yourself can be frightening or fascinating, joyful or driving into depression. And no one can be sure that one day he will not become part of another story…

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