The mysterious pyramids in China

Shrines Of China

In China there are many historical monuments and religious shrines. And though they have long accessed the pyramids in China is still shrouded in mystery. It should be noted that such monuments are about 16 pieces, and these giants many have not seen or heard anything about them.

The government hides the pyramid

Pyramids in China have been established long since, but mention of them has happened only in 1912. This discovery was made by traders from Australia, which saw mysterious objects that resemble Egyptian pyramids, but the dimensions exceed them. After such findings had to break out the big controversy with the science, but the government decided to withhold information about the existence of these monuments. Thus, they became the great mystery of the planet.

The oldest pyramid planet

The pyramids in China are located in the plains of Sichuan, the height of these buildings ranges from 25 meters and reaches 100 meters. It should be noted that among them, there is also higher, while its height is about 300 meters. It is located in a valley where the river Jia Lin. This tetrahedron is called the great White Pyramid. It should be noted that pyramids in China are of an older age in contrast to the monuments of Egypt. And the pyramids in Antarctica is also much younger Chinese. In the process of building ispolzovatblizhny the material, not stone, as usual, and applied the clay and the earth. This composition after thorough compaction gradually turned into a material similar to concrete. After China started to disclose information about their discoveries, the government imposed a ban on excavation near a White Pyramid, and the area that surrounds this facility is completely closed to all foreigners. The cause of all this, according to the Chinese government, is that all investigations will be passed to the next generation. But another factor preventing the continued existence of these pyramids, are conifers and fast-growing trees that can police their destruction, and, accordingly, the next generation will be nothing left to investigate. Chinese scientists have used a touch technique and found that the pyramiding process is carried out with use of the step architecture. It should be noted that the Chinese authorities conceal the existence of the pyramids, there are many different versions. The first version says about anomalous phenomena, and to disturb the pyramids is not worth it, the second tells that the pyramids were built by aliens, and they are used for the benefit of nanotechnology. But such versions have no basis under themselves.

It is possible to put forward a truthful and a strong version that the pyramids of China are burials of great emperors of the country. This method of burial gives the opportunity for exaltation after death. The structure, built in such a way that a wall is a protection, as from real enemies, so, probably, and spiritual. The mystery of the Chinese pyramids is still not solved.

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