The mysterious pyramids of Guimar in Tenerife

Pyramids of Guimar represent a complex consisting of six stepped buildings, which are located on the island of Tenerife. These unique attractions draw in tourists from around the world. They come to Spain in order to witness the mysterious constructions, the secret origin of which, scientists have not been able to solve.

Versions of the origin of the pyramids of güímar

There are currently a lot of speculation as to what purpose was created the pyramids of güímar . Some historians believe that they were built by the farmers that all the stones found in the process of cultivation, carried outside of its border area. This version has many supporters, as in the past century because of high volcanic activity, the area landowners were littered with the debris of rocks, which had to eliminate in order to improve the fertility of the soil.

Another hypothesis about how there were pyramids of Guimar in Tenerife . was put forward by scientist Thor Heyerdahl. In his view, they represent just a pile of stones, and structures that were built by people with a purpose, however, it still remains a mystery. His assumption is based on the fact that all the corners of the steps of the pyramid are processed manually, and the material from which they are built, more like hardened lava, and not the stones brought from the fields.

In Odemis buildings, scientists have discovered the remains of various utensils, which in past centuries was used by local tribes. In addition, it was found that these soorujeniya astronomical value. During the summer solstice, with the highest of them twice to see the sunset. First, it comes at the top of a mountain, and then, appears again and disappears behind another. In addition, each pyramid has stairs, climbing in winter, you can see the sunrise. This discovery led to the conclusion that the pyramids of güímar in Tenerife were created by an ancient advanced civilization, possessing high intelligence.

A note for tourists

Tourists visiting the Park of güímar,can not only look at these durable structures, have a complex structure, but also to see the many different items that were found near their foot. In addition, there are special pavilions in which visitors show interesting finds, keeps history of civilization of this ancient island.

In the Park there are also other attractions:

Botanical garden. Visiting this scenic area, tourists can find exotic flora of the Canary Islands.

The Museum Of The Chaconne. This building includes several rooms, one of which visitors show a documentary about the pyramids;

Secret garden. The main feature of this “living” Museum is that it contains poisonous plants from all over the world. At special stands and plates are available with detailed information about each of the Botanical species.

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