The Temple of Druids in Yorkshire

In 20-ies of the XIX century, a rich landowner and landowner William Danby was built Druid temple . The building is really impressive, and in the imagination of the visitor invokes the image of a huge megalithic structure, in its mystery and size equal to Stonehenge. Enlightened industrialist imbued with the mysticism of the druids, and to give local residents during the period of unemployment of at least some earnings, have created strange architectural structure .

Each employee engaged on the construction of Danby was paid one shilling a day, which at the time was quite a good wage. The building was intended for some old drawings and was made in the statement of the landlord an exact copy of the once existing temple of the druids. The location of the landmark, is in Britain, in the County of Yorkshire, near the small village of Leighton .

The road leading to the temple, ends in a small Parking lot where you can leave your car and go on a fairly wide trail, venturing into the forest. The walk will take no more than ten to fifteen minutes and in itself is quite an interesting route. There are several pathways by which you can get to the Temple of the Druids, and the neighborhood all around is dotted with menhirs and dolmens. The trail passes through forest to a large, round clearing, where is the megalithic sooruzenii the shape of a circle.

Huge wide range from a few rows of standing megaliths, rests against one of the parties in the hill. The temple of the Druids has a large outer courtyard and an inner circle of standing stones. The entrance to the courtyard through the arch, and leads to the “sacrificial altar”, a stone table and benches.

The stories of the local lore, William Danby exhibited a considerable reward to the one who will live in the cave under the Church of 7 years. Agreed only one farmer, and that poor fellow went mad. For 200 years a mysterious place visited by few tourists, and pagans hold their ceremonies and rituals. Stay near a unique masterpiece of architecture brings amazing sensations and thoughts.

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