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The most ancient churches of Rome

The Temple Of The Dioscuri

The temple dedicated to the Dioscuri (sons of Jupiter), Castor and Pollux was built in the late V century BC in honor of the most important in the history of Rome’s victory over Tarquinia Proud, the last Roman king. Since ancient times thought of the Dioscuri, patrons of sailors and soldiers who were in the storms and battles to help and very quickly brought the news of the victory. According to a legend, the Dioscuri had helped to banish the cruel tyrant of Rome and to change the form of government Republican.

The Temple Of The Dioscuri. The altar and the source of Juturna

The Temple Of Saturn

One of the most ancient religious buildings of Ancient Rome, who were lucky enough to survive to the present day, is considered the temple of Saturn. Its ruins can be seen in the Roman Forum. Saturn — the God of earth and fertility, in ancient times was particularly revered by the Romans, he erected temples, and his name was called new town. According to legend, in ancient times Italy was called Stornoway the ground. Continue reading


You are about to see became a symbol throughout Spain the beautiful Cathedral of the Holy family or Sagrada Familia , is a creation of genius architect Antonio Gaudi. The construction of this unique building started in 1882 and is still ongoing. It should be emphasized that funding of the construction at the expense of private donations and the sale of excursion tickets.

According to the project of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926), the Cathedral to have three facade — South facade of the passion of Christ, the Glory of the East facade, the North facade of the Nativity of Christ and eighteen towers. Twelve of them, in height from 98 to 112 m dedicated to the apostles. Four more tower height of 120 m symbolize the evangelists — Luke, Matthew, John and Mark. These towers will be located around 170-meter tower of Jesus Christ, surmounted by a giant cross. Just below is the bell tower of the virgin Mary. According to experts, the construction will be completed by 2026. However have not finished the Cathedral has become one of the symbols of Barcelona and a UNESCO world heritage site. Continue reading

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