Unusual houses of the world

In the modern world is not too difficult to go somewhere on vacation. The problem is a question of where to go? All of course different ideas about the rest. Some like days on the passage to lie and bask in the sun, others prefer a cultural holiday all other.

Some groups of people mixed Outlook for vacation. These people simply just are not able to choose their lot.

In this paper we consider an unusual and very interesting buildings of the world.

House — basket

In 1997 in the U.S., specifically in Ohio there is a very interesting building in the form of a basket. As it became known later, the building is owned by the company that produced baskets.

The cost of this facility is $ 30 million.

It is a gorgeous building with 20 thousand square feet, which is 2.2 thousand square meters. The weight of the building is about 8500 tons. This weight gives the structure support, which in turn set the weight of 150 tons.

The feature of this building is that it goes up, expanding like a real basket. Upstairs floor area is 25 thousand feet squared, and the first area – 20 thousand square feet. Built in the height of the basket can sravnitel the seven-story building.

The size of the building allows us to accommodate more than 500 employees.

The building was constructed two years. All this time the creators tried to dissuade the head of the customer to give up such strange ideas. But Dave Langberg even, were not adopted these proposals.

In the end, held a Grand opening ceremony, which gathered a huge number of clients, workers and ordinary observers.

Home “the piano and the fiddle.”

One of the unusual house located in 2007 in China. Built this facility to draw people’s attention to the area of its location.

The building was designed by University students of architecture and design.

Used during construction, was used a large number of different materials. Mainly built of thick, black and transparent glass.

Is a house music mix of piano black and transparent violin. This architectural building displays pride of musical art. Later this structure became popular and every day attracts more and more tourists from different corners of the world. After all, the beauty of the surrounding nature, while in this building, it is delight to watch both day and night.

Home – cactus

Another interesting building is the house in the form of a cactus. Appeared building in Rotterdam.

The architects have created a house that “cleaning up the city’s air”. Subsequently this building was included in the top 10 “green” skyscrapers all over the world.

The name of the house was due to unusual resemblance to the spiny plant. Small verandas, similar to the spikes of the cactus, give an unusual view of the building. Designed, specially the balconies for gardening residents. From far away, looking at the construction, it seems that the plant blooms different and unusual flowers. For this purpose even created a special irrigation system for seedlings, which is much easier with the tenants the task of watering.

In the same balconies built pools where residents can enjoy a swim in the hot season.

Elevates to the sky the building of 19 floors. In “the cactus” is 98 apartments. The architects apartments are among the most comfortable.

So amazing home opens up all the beauty of Rotterdam residents and allows not to tire of the trips outside the city. Everything you need for recreation has already built in his apartment.

In Poland in Sopot in 2004, was built “crooked” structure. Yes, this house is really curved.

In fact, the architect. who built this building was formerly known as the artist of the illustrations in children’s books. He proposed the idea of a house that looked like its reflection in a distorting mirror.

The facade of this house has not a single straight line. This allows you to see all the elegance of the building. Inside as you can not understand that you are such an interesting house.

Full curved area home of 4000 square meters. The first floor is equipped with shop equipment. On the first floor there are museums and radio studios.

This house shows once again what the border can extend the human imagination. It allows to create the most popular works of art like these.

Do not take effort, money and time to look at the curved house.


The founder of the world toilet Association, SIM Jae-duck built the house in the form of the toilet as the toilet foreknowledge of the world revolution. Symbolic building stands in South Korea. At first you might think that such a structure was built due to poor imagination of the architect. However, the building was designed to show that everyone’s right to have a normal, civilized toilet in his house.

The opening ceremony was held on 21 November 2007 on the day of the world Toilet Association.

The dancing house

Those who have not been in Prague, you must visit it. After all, there stands a very famous dancing office center.

This original building stands out from all the attractions.

The question of the construction of such buildings are not made to wait long architects. And the people who bought this plot of land insisted that the building was built by the most experienced people. And so it happened in 1991 two of architect Frank Owen Garry and Vlado Milunic started to work.

The building consists of 6 floors. On the ground floor there are various offices and a cafe. On the top floor expands the luxurious restaurant, which is called the “Pearl of Prague”. This building offers a beautiful view that should be seen by every inhabitant of the earth.

House shell

In the Urals, in the village Tavatuy is located in the house similar to the shell cassis cornuta…

The house is made on three levels, to get into that account to get around almost all the structure. But it’s not so bad. Inside, the house is filled with beautiful outlines of its walls. The building has no straight lines, which gives it a certain opulence.

The first two levels of the house represent the seabed like the cartoon about the little mermaid. The last floor is a dry land in the form of a large bedroom.

The house shell is built of reinforced concrete with reinforcement. Ladder decorating the interior of the house is made of reinforced concrete.

House in stone

In Portugal in 1973, appeared to present an unusual house. To create such a building, were needed not only for human skills and strength, but also creation of nature. After all, this house is not built of brick, it is made in stone.

An architect and a tenant of the building is a Portuguese coach Victor Rodriguez, who used as building materials huge boulders that represent walls.

This idea came from Radriges after the impressions received from the Flintstone family.

In this house there is everything necessary for life. Two floors divide the building into two specific zones. Even such delights as a fireplace, pool and a huge staircase did not create obstacles for the architect.

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