Why old houses are better than the new ones?

The question of why old houses are better than the new ones, may arise among those who do not understand the value of old things that have passed through time and had seen much in his lifetime. Old buildings have many advantages over new, we’ll discuss this further in the material.

Old buildings need care and periodic restoration to continue to please others with their beauty and uniqueness. For restoration and repairs indispensable are the tower structure, as such. for example. With these designs the old house re-gain life and continue his story with a new breath.

Returning to our main question, why old houses are better than the new ones, let’s analyze the main aspects.

The spirit of the time

Every time you see an old house, the feeling is something special. Each person is their own. To relive those moments of love, those who feed on emotions. Such people love to go to new places and learn the history, respect the spirit of the times, which permeated the old house. Old houses better than the new ones because they have their own world, their walls, Windows, every part of these buildings are imbued with the spirit, which necesarily. It is unique for every home, it is unique for everyone who will feel, who will miss these feelings through myself.


Why old houses are better than the new ones? Because they are more attractive. Although it is possible to argue very long. Those who have become accustomed to the modern lifestyle and do not appreciate historical monuments and wag his hand on these buildings and not notice the surpassing beauty that permeated every square inch of the old house. Attractiveness is not always associated with external manifestations, the house can be beautiful inside, may have its inner beauty as a person – the spiritual world. Feel his beauty and strength can only be aloof from the stereotypes of modern times and discarding all the prejudices. Such beauty can be seen only if you sincerely feel about the history and everything that has absorbed a ton of time.

The uniqueness

Old houses better than the new ones because they are unique each in its own way. As we mentioned above, this uniqueness lies in their individual beauty and spirit world, their patience and strength that helped me overcome all the hardships and millions of minutes. New homes resemble each other, although designers and are trying to contrive and to invent something of their own. But old houses are like people, each has its own appearance, its texture, its history, its past, its sorrows and joys.

As you can see, certainly of the older houses are best for many reasons. Of course, modern society has an opinion on this and the old buildings most often goes not very well, preferring the restoration of the demolition, but this does not prevent us to enjoy those units that remain and are considered to be long-lived. In every city on Earth there are instances, even in your city.

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