Zverinetsky cave

Zverinetsky cave, a place of power

Zverinetsky complex of caves has long been considered one of the most enigmatic sacred places of Kiev . It is open for visits today. Everyone has the opportunity to explore the ancient corridors Zvirynetski caves. Of course, by the length they are smaller than caves of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, but, nevertheless, are the place that for hundreds of years been hid from human eyes. Archaeologists assessing finds made here with confidence call Zverinetsky cave is the oldest cave monastery on the territory of Kievan Rus .

It is said that this cave area was inhabited from long ago. But for the first time the caves were discovered only in the XIX century . Most likely people lived here hundreds of years before.

The story goes that in 1888 Theodosius Matvienko, who lived nearby, heard a loud rumble. Then, glancing at the sky, saw a rainbow, which came out from the holes formed by subsidence. Theodosius got scared and called my neighbors. Together they went downstairs and saw the mysterious door is almost closed up and many of the branched passages.

This is the story of finding a mysterious cave monastery, which to this day cannot find any references in historical sources. There was found a different Church utensils, monastic clothes, Ikoyi wall paintings. Researchers believe that all these discoveries — heritage of an ancient underground monastery.

Besides Church plate, here were found many human remains, most of which were buried according to the canons. At the same time, many were in disarray, right in the cave passages. We found only 98 of buried human remains, as well as 25 bodies lying on all the moves. Among these bodies are women and children. By the way, these remains were not discovered any traces of violence. It is noteworthy that many of the bodies were found piled right next to the entrance to the cave. This arrangement of the bodies gives the researchers reason to believe that a second set of human remains belong to people who were local residents. Most likely, they tried to escape in the monastery caves from any dangers above, but was bricked up. It is assumed that such danger could be the raids of the nomads.

It should be noted that during the first detection Zvirynetski caves this discovery, no one really seriously not interested. The entry simply re-bricked. The next important stage in the history of research Zvirynetski caves falls in 1910. At this time, the new landslide reveals another cavity. On that occasion, the locals get into the cave and steal some ancient artifacts .

In 1911, begins a more serious study of the caves. Thoroughly addresses all of the debris, finds in the caves are described and validated. One of the participants of the excavations — I. Kamanin on the results of the studies, wrote the book ” Zverinetska the caves in Kiev. Their antiquity and Holiness.” Information about the discovery of an ancient monastery starts to draw in Zverinetsky cave of many pilgrims.

Unfortunately, in the 1930-ies the Church, which was located near the monastery, was destroyed and the caves again being plundered and neglected. After that, interest in the caves only revived in the 90s. destruction of the caves began strongly to oppose the participants of the company “Kiev Underground”. They are actively engaged in cleaning of passages, made them accessible to people.

At the present time the caves are a historic treasure. Today there is the monastery of Archangel Michael.

By the way, historians to this day cannot accurately identify found a cave monastery. Sure only in one thing: he is very ancient . Most likely, belongs to the era prior to the taking of Kiev by Batu. Proof of this are the studies of the Kiev medical Institute, which were conducted in 1993. The specialists of the Department of radiology examined bones found in the caves. The results showed that these remains belong to the IX-XII centuries.

It is noteworthy that the caves were discovered in the corridors and cavities. But the researchers are not in a hurry and treat these findings with extreme caution. Afraid to provoke the collapse. Some historians even believe that in these caves in the future can be found the library of Yaroslav the Wise.

In addition, the results of the GPR studies show that under the Menagerie there is still more than a kilometer of passages unknown. The total length of the caves in the mountain zverinetskoe is more than a mile, which exceeds the overall length of the near and far caves of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

Now Zverinetska to visit the cave can be anyone. Every day from 10:00 to 16:00 monk-the conductor collects the delegation and is ready to accompany them through the caves.

How to get

To penetrate into the mysterious underground world of caves Zverinetska not difficult. Before reaching Botanic garden, turn onto Catherine Blond, then go up the street Michurina. There will be able to see the hill on which stands the monastery of the caves — the ancient refuge of monks-ascetics.

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